5 stunning places to see this Monsoon in India


Love for wanderlust is inherited in each one of us and monsoon is the best time to see the beauty of nature, to amaze yourself with green paradise and to calm yourself in the range of season. Monsoon is probably the best time where you can go on a trip with your friends or your loved ones. We could see the diversity of what the season brings to India, adventure, love, treks, moments are one of their kind when it rains cats and dogs. Let us see the most adorable places, most stunning places to see this monsoon in India.

1. Munnar, Kerala

Well, we all know that south is very famous for their beautification of nature. So, imagine, visiting Kerala in monsoon. It will be heaven trust me! You will witness great mountains, deep valleys, wildlife and scenic beauty of the place! How to reach: If you want to commute by airplane then you need to get down at Cochin airport or if you are coming by train then the nearest railway station would be Ernakulam, then there is a drive for 3- 3.5 hours respectively. Attractions • Wildlife • Lakes • Mountains • Waterfalls

2. Malshet Ghat, Maharashtra

Covering the southern part of our India we are heading down to Maharashtra. Malshet Ghat is known for immutable waterfalls. The best time to visit here is between August to October, you will find adorable flamingos, much-needed waterfalls and beautiful views. How to reach: The Nearest airport is Shivaji international airport, from there it will take 3 hours of drive to reach Malshet Ghat or if you are coming by train then you need to get down at Kalyan railway station and then your destination will be 85km away from you. Attractions • Waterfalls • Bird watching • Good resorts • Nature’s beauty

3. Pushkar, Rajasthan

Monsoon in India gives Pushkar a whole new look! Though you can visit Pushkar whole long year monsoon time make the place unbeatable. With no more brown mountains, surrounded by greenery all over. One can see dancing peacocks in the midst of rain and pleasant weather add charm to your trip. How to reach The Nearest railway station is Ajmer, from there you can easily get a bus or three-wheelers. Attractions • Peacocks dance • Camel rides • Desert campaigning • Sightseeing

4. Spiti valley, Himachal Pradesh

Choice of Himachal Pradesh can never go wrong! Choosing Spiti valley in monsoon is one of the best decisions you can ever take. Why this is the best place to visit during monsoon? Well, because it does not get affected by rain just like Ladakh! You will visit here once and fall in love with the amidst beauty of Spiti valley. How to reach: Nearest railway station Shimla and then there is a drive from Shimla via Kannauj Highway Attractions • Lakes • National Parks • Museums • Scenic views • Mountain points

5. Goa

How can we even forget Goa? Last but most happening place of India which should be visited by everyone in Monsoon. What calls for goa? House of beaches, some amazing nightlife, water sports, casinos and what all do you need! Plan a trip with your friends and you are just hours away from creating tonnes of memories. How to reach: Goa is well connected to both airways as well as roadways. Choose your comfort! Attractions • Water sports • Beach life • Nightlife • Bird watching

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