5 essential travel tips for your first-time visit to Dubai


Dubai is a place which is basically known as every traveller’s dream and no matter what, Dubai will never stop to surprise you with its amidst the beauty and unique infrastructure. Dubai calls for everything starting from the best shopping malls, monuments like Burj Khalifa to beaches and all where one can sit and relax and feel the pleasure in the air! Before you book tickets for Dubai there are certain things you need to learn if you are visiting for the first time.

1. When to go

You just can’t book your tickets, pack your bags and visit Dubai right, you need to know when to exactly go with your family or friends! Dubai is at it’s best from November to March. Dubai is mostly avoided during the summer season. Wintery things will give you a calm atmosphere and sightseeing will be more adorable then. Its peak season is mostly between December to February as people witness Dubai shopping festival, new year celebrations, etc.

2. Documents and currency

Though obtaining a Dubai Visa is hassle-free for Indians, once you apply for the same you can get it within a week. But I would advise you if you are planning to visit Dubai you must take care of visa things prior one month to avoid last minute panic. You must carry your international debit or credit cards, currency there is AED, so it is advisable to exchange the currency from shopping malls (you get better rates). If you are planning to rent a car then you should also carry your international driving license.

3. After you Land up in Dubai

Dubai airport is one of the busiest airports of the world, so before you land down to Dubai you should have a fair idea about the crowd and everything. Secondly, you must know that there is a limitation to carry a certain amount of alcohol and tobacco in Dubai. If you carry beyond the limit, it can be checked at custom! Now, if you have to reach to your hotel/ destination, there are two ways either you can book a taxi (for that you need to carry a local map) or you get board Dubai’s metro but you need to know that there are only 2 baggage allowed for one person in the metro.

4. Dubai Food and nightlife

Dubai has vibrant choices of bars and food, so you can choose yourself in one go! Everything would be next to perfect (not kidding). Mostly all the clubs close down by 3.00 am. Minimum age to consume alcohol is 21 years but there will be some of the clubs who won’t allow your entry if you aren’t 25 years.

5. Some useful Arabic phrases

Well, you are Dubai! You need to know some of the common Arabic phrases to survive in Dubai. Here it goes Min Fadlak – Please Shukrun – Thank You Na’am – Yes La’ – No

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